Monday, July 26, 2010

What a relief !

Haha the subject of the email refers to the cambios that happened, and after hearing Elder Mayberry, you're leaving after 3 times straight, they told me the glorious words, you're staying! Hallelujah! Haha needless to say I was very very happy that I didn't have to pack my bags. But more news about the changes later....

   This week was a really good one though. Me and Elder Saenz saw the fruits of our efforts por fin! The week also had some random cool things that happened. Sarting on Wednesday... We taught Mariela and Mauricio and taught them the baptismal interview questions and they were perfectly good! We were a little nervous because Mariela had smoked before but when we asked her about it she said that she had stopped when we first talked about it. What a relief. Then we got to go see a super cool castle, because we went with Mariela and Mauricio to go get firewood from her sister, whose job is to be groundskeepers of a castle that no one gets to see. But we got to haha :) It was super cool but I didn't have my camera on me, ugh. So I missed out on that one. But we'll see if we ever go again. On Thursday we were walking and our investigators Juan and Yazna happened to come across us in their car and they invited us to go with them to see the snow a little bit away. So we did and there was really no snow but some really cool scenery around a river, so I took lots of pictures. Friday we taught Mauricio and Mariela again and Mauricio invited us to go hiking and we hiked to the top of a big hill behind his house which was also really cool. And Saturday we had the baptismal interviews and they both passed! So, Sunday was the big day!
  It was a really really good baptism. Probably the best one I've seen on the mish. It was super spiritual and well organized and they were super ready and super happy afterwards. We had two members of the ward baptize them, which is the better option than if we baptize them. Because we as missionarys leave often but the members will always be there and they'll have that special realtionship. So it was really cool. The whole family went to see too. Mauricio the father and Catalina the daughter were there watching. Mauricio and Mariela were really prepared to receive the gospel. After their baptisms they gave their testimonies and Mariela recognized how after the minute she first talked with the missionaries in a mall food plaza that her life changed for the better. It was so good! They are gonna be really good members. In doctrine and covenants 4 it says that the field is white already to harvest, and asi es. God really has people that have their hearts open and are truly ready to receive the gospel, and Mauricio and Mariela were two of those people. I'm just grateful that I had the blessing to be here and experience it. The mission is so good!!
  On Sunday I also had to give a talk, which for me went surprisingly well haha. I don't get too nervous in front of people anymore, hallelujah. And I can give a normal 15 minute talk in Spanish without problems haha. So that's cool.
  On Sunday night, we had an amazing family home evening with the family of Mauricio and Mariela, and the family that baptized them. So now they have good firneds in the church who care about them and will always be there for them to answer questions, clear up doubts, etc. So that was really cool.
  And that was it for this past week. This morning we went to the change concilio (council?) ( i dont know if that's a word in english) and listened to President and got our new comps. Elder Saenz has left me (we wanted to stay together again) but now I have a new companion called Elder Deaver. He's from Las Vegas. He has six months in the mission. He's a pretty cool guy it seems like. He's a little overwhelmed for being in Pirque but that's ok, I know how he was feeling 6 weeks ago haha. So yeah, I'm now the senior comp, not something I was looking forward too haha but I knew it'd come. And I'm district leader. So we'll see how this goes. It should be interesting but it should be really really good. Elder Deaver is excited to work as am I!
  Well everyone that's about it for now. The church is true, without a doubt. And it really does bless lives and makes people happy. There's a saying here in Latin American countries and it's "ser Mormon es ser feliz" and that's really how it is. Being Mormon is being happy. I couldn't think of a better place to be at the moment other than here. Or maybe back at home playing some of the new video games that have come out......just kidding haha. They can wait a year. Holy cow time flies.

Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Aaron Mayberry
P.S. Pictures!

1. Baptism!

2. The hike with mauricio

3. Me and Elder Saenz at the river


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