Monday, August 2, 2010

Pretty good week!

This week was a pretty good one. Nothing crazy that happened or anything, just a nice ordinary week here in Pirque.

  Me and Elder Deaver are doing good. We get along pretty well, which is always good. It's always a concern when changes come around because you never know what type of person you'll get as a comp. I've had luck so far, I've had all good ones. But yeah, we're doing good.
  Lets see. In terms of investigators. Mauricio and Mariela got confirmed yesterday, so that's really good. I actually got to confirm Mariela which was a cool experience (my first time). So it was good. They're doing really really good in the gospel and are really happy and sure of the decision they've taken in their lives. It's really cool to see the progress they've made. Juan and Yazna took a turn for the better this week, finally haha. They're the couple that just needs to get married to get baptized. We were in a lesson with them the other day and Yazna told us that she and Juan had talked and they decided to put a goal of getting baptized at the end of the year. This is a big move for them so we were really happy when they told us. It might be far away, but they have the end goal in mind, which is always very very important. The other investigators we have are there, progressing but kinda, so we're gonna try to find more here in this change. It's really weird trying to knock doors in the sector though, so it's something we're working on. But those are our investigators.
  Other things in the mission life. Well it's been really interesting, the weather. A couple days the suns been out, others the sun isn't in sight and it's raining a ton and other days it's been ridiculously cold. So it's been good here. We've taken the bikes out a bit when the weather permits and it's been fun. It's tiring though, I'm still not used to them.
  So to answer the questions what does being senior comp and district leader entail. Senior comp basically means that I've made the change from having companions older than me in the mission to having companions that will be younger than me. Meaning that I'll have to lead lessons more, talk more to the people, basically "pull the wagon" as dad would say haha. And district leader means that I'm "in charge" of a few companionships of missionaries. For example, we have a zone, of 12 missionaries, and in the zone are two districts of 6. We have the two zone leaders, who are in charge of the whole zone and the two district leaders, who are in charge of the districts. But it really doesn't mean much. Basically the only the things that's changed are that I have to teach a class every tuesday to my district, take dats (i have no idea what the english word would be, but its like the numbers of lessons and stuff we have), which is just calling the district and asking them their numbers and then I relay that to the zone leaders, and then once a week we have a meeting of the zone leaders and the district leaders and talk about the zone, the progress of the zone and any difficulties or anything. So yeah. That's what it means being district leader. Not much fun haha, who wants more responsibility?
  And that's how it's been this week. Sorry there's not too much to include in this letter. No big changes or anything in investigators and stuff. Next week should be better. Oh, and I turn one year this I bought some special things to make for a nice little feast on Thursday night haha. I'm gonna treat myself right haha.
  But yeah. I love you all and am so glad to be here in Chile. Missionary work is really amazing and it's kinda sad that I only have a year left of it. I got emails from Elder Evans and Elder Frost, two of my companions, who went home last week and all they say is that they miss the Mission. But I'm gonna enjoy this last year and work my hardest. The church is true, without a doubt, and missionary work rules! Hope you all have a good week!
Elder Aaron Mayberry
P.S. Couple pictures to enjoy.
1. Me and Elder Deaver

2. Me on the bike :)

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