Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Un ano ya...

  Well here we are, halfway done with the mission already! It's a strange feeling really, hard to describe. But I'll tell you more about the day and how I feel and stuff later.

  First off this week was pretty crazy. Me and Elder Deaver had lots of plans to get some good stuff done this week, but it kinda didn't happen for various reasons which I'll explain. But I'll start off the email with an update on the investigators.
  Mariela and Mauricio are doing really good. Technically they aren't even investigators any more since they're members of the church already. But they are doing really really good. They're being really faithful and are anxious to learn more about the gospel and keep progressing. So that's really cool. Juan and Yazna are also doing good. They're doing a lot better. They went to church on Sunday so that's a good thing. They still have the goal of getting baptized at the end of the year so that's really good. Our others aren't really progressing at the moment so we haven't had too much success in that aspect.- We've been needing to find some news but this week every time we were gonna knock something came up. It was really frustrating. Here's what happened.
  -Wednesday: We were riding to go visit a reference and right when we passed by in front of our house....I got a flat tire. So we had to go home and fix it.
  -Friday: We are just about to knock and the assistants called us and told Elder Deaver that his bank account was having problems and that he had to call the bank asap and get it fixed. So we had to go buy a calling card so he could call the States and get it sorted out. So we had to go do that and it took a while to do everything. So that killed a lot of our time.
  -Saturday: We had to finish up the problem with the bank account so we had to call and go to internet to make sure his account was squared away and eveything. Once again our night was gone.
  -Sunday: Yesterday we were riding and I was gonna put air in my tire at a shell station after having patched the tire the other day. We get to the shell, I put the air in (I put the right amount in) and we started riding off and I went off a bump and BOOM my tire exploded.....So we had to walk all the way (like 40mins) home and change the tire get a new tube, it was a mess. But it got fixed finally and we finished the night with a good lesson.
  But as you see the week was a little crazy. Mix in divisions one day and this week went by really really fast. And I turned a year old.
  So yeah, my mission is half over haha. It's insane; to say the least. I can't believe how fast the time has passed. I woke up on Thursday and it really felt like just a normal day. My one year mark felt no different than any other day, but it just had some significance haha. But it feels good. It feels like I've been through a lot already, learned a ton, had a bunch of great experiences, and it's only been a year. So I still have a lot in store this last year that's coming. But it's also a very bittersweet feeling. Because I only have one more year to do this, something that is really amazing. So when that day comes in a year I know it will be hard to leave. But at least I still have one more year left right? It seems like a lot of time but I know it will go by ridiculously fast. Oh, I did celebrate very little haha. I treated myself to a nice snack when we got home at night of skittles, ice cream and a bacon chesseburger. Twas tasty. But that was it. I am now old in the mission haha.
  So the week was crazy, I turned a year in the mission, and that was about it for this week. This next one will be good for sure, because we have lots of things to do. But that's how its going for us in Pirque at the moment. Sorry it's not the greatest letter ever but thats how it goes sometimes I guess. But know, that I am so happy to be here in the mission. Yesterday Mauricios dad asked us what made us come here on the mission instead of doing stuff the rest of the people our age are doing and it gave me good time to reflect and really, theres no place I'd rather be at the moment. The mission is amazing. I love this work and sharing the restored gospel. It's an amazing privilege I have to spend two years doing this work. I can't wait for the next year that awaits me and all the experiences that I'll have. The gospel is true. This is the true church, without doubt. I love you all and I'll talk to you next week!

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