Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Week!

Hello again everyone!

 It was another good week this week. More success and some great news! But more on that later.
So in terms of the week, nothing terribly exciting. Really in terms of missionary work and stuff it was a normal normal week. Lots of riding busses everywhere and some cold and all that good stuff. Also, we're nearing the end of the change (this Sunday) so me and Elder Saenz are nervous cuz we have zero idea of what'll happen. No one knows really. There's like 12 people leaving though so we dunno how that will affect everyone else and stuff. But we're pretty stressed out, haha. We wanna stay together another change here in Pirque, because Pirque is one of the best sectors in the mission, and becausae if we stay together we both celebrate a year the same day and we wanna throw a huge party haha. But we'll see. You shall know next week.
  A fun thing we did on Thursday was that we played soccer in the nighttime with the ward, young men vs the Elders quorum/old people. Our team of the Elders quorum was me, elder saenz, and three investigators haha and we ended up winning :) It was a ton of fun and we're gonna do it again on this Thursday.
  But now for the good stuff and why we're so happy here in Pirque. Investigators. So, remember Mauricio and Mariela, who we found from a reference two weeks ago? They were a nice little present to us from God, because He really prepared them for the gospel. Because they're getting baptized this next Sunday!!! We are so happy here because this is what this work is all about. Helping peple to find the gospel. And they are really happy too. Mariela, the mom, always tells us that she has really seen a difference in her and her familys life since she first had contact with us. And Mauricio, the son, is incredibly smart and understands everything. They both came to church on Sunday and stayed the whole 3 hours and liked it a lot. Last night we finished teaching them all the lessons so they're all set to go! This week we're gonna review everything and make sure they're familiar with the baptismal interview questions. But they're ready and it really feels good. This is why I'm here. So next Sunday will be a very special Sunday for us here in Pirque. And the rest of the family should be following suit. We're also teaching in the family of Mariela and Mauricio, Kata, the daughter, Mauricio the dad, Maria the sister of Mariela, and Sonia, Marielas mom. So it's been really cool having lessons with like 7 people listening. But yup. Baptisms!
The rest of the investigators are doing alright. Nothing exciting and no major improvements.
But yeah. Thats about it for this week here in Pirque. I'm loving it here in this sector and I love this work. Church is true! Hope youre all having a great summer while we're over here freezing (not too bad) haha. Love you all! Talk to you next week!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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