Monday, July 12, 2010

It's bike time!

This week was another good one! And the time flies here in Pirque, its really weird.

  Yeah, so this week we started using the bikes and it's not as cold as we thought. But then again the weather isn't acting like its winter, it's weird. It was sunny out for most of the week, so we took advantage and went bike riding. But I am not used to riding bikes. It was pretty hard, but Elder Saenz says you just need to get used to it again. So I'm working on that. But I'm pretty sore haha. But it should be good. It's really fun riding bikes though.
  So this week was a really good and interesting one. On Tuesday though it was really winter. We leave our district class at like 12, and we have to head to lunch right away, cuz it's like an hour bus ride. And when we left in the morning the weather was nice. And when we got on the bus it started raining. A lot. And we weren't prepared haha. So we ate lunch and while eating it became a torrential downpour haha. We didn't have jackets or umbrellas or anything. So we waited it out a little bit. And finally it stopped. So we said alright, we'll go and walk to this familys house, like 35mins away (thats how the distances are here). So we leave the house, walk 5 minutes, and the torrential downpour starts again haha. So we walked for like 20 minutes in pouring rain with no way to stop it, so we just got incredibly soaked. It was pretty interesting. But what else can you do? But it wasn't bad at all.
  On Wednesday we had zone conference with president and that was really good. Got to catch up with alot of my freinds here in the mission. But at the same time it was kinda sad, two of my really good friends are going home in two weeks, Elder Evans and Elder Frost. It's crazy, it seems like so short ago I was comps with those guys. But that's how the mission is. People leave and people come.
  And on Saturday we went and did service as a branch and went and helped a family that is going to move into the ward. We're building their house haha. So that was pretty fun. I've never built a house before...
  The rest of the week was pretty normal though, lessons, bike riding, all that good stuff. Now, about our investigators. They're doing really good. Juan and Yasna are doing good. They still are a bit iffy on the whole marriage thing but they're really motivated about going to church and stuff. And the family we found last Sunday is doing really good. The son, Mauricio is really interested. On Wednesday we taught him solo and he had read and understood everything (something that normally doesn't happen after one lesson). So we're really excited to see progress with them. Him and his mom went to church on Sunday which was really really cool and they really liked it we think. Juan also went to church too. So it was a really good week for us in terms of investigators and stuff. So we're really happy here in Pirque.
  But that was our week. It's been doing really well here in Pirque and we are really happy. I love this work and it truly brings happiness to bring the blessings of the gospel to other peoples' lives. The church is true! Love you all and we'll talk next week!
Elder Aaron Mayberry
1. Me and Elder Sáenz on the day when it rained

2. When we went to the temple with Juan and Yasna and little Sebastian last week.

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