Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Less than 2 weeks to go!

Hello again everyone! Boy time is flying so fast its ridiculous! I can't believe I'll be out of here in less than two weeks!!! I should get my flight plans on Thursday or Fiday this week so I'll know exactly when I'll be leaving.
This week has been really good. Spanish is still coming. I'm trying to speak more and more of it everyday but if you stop just for a little bit it gets hard to start re-speaking it again because you're too lazy to have to think about what you want to say and everything- haha. Maybe thats just me though. Anyway, I'm starting to get a little nervous because I am leaving so soon. I just hope that I'll be able to communicate effectively with the Chileans. I sure hope so- haha. I think I'll be just fine though. I feel pretty confident. Now that doesnt mean I'll be speaking well or anything, just that I'll be able to hopefully understand and get my point accross hahaha.
  Our roommates are leaving this week. Well, one left this morning and one leaves tomorrow so we will have the room for ourselves for the next week because there isn't any new districts coming into our zone this week. So that should be nice. I'm excited because I'll have a bottom bunk for the last two weeks here haha. The top bunk is just a hassle. But anyway, that's exciting. One of the roommates is going to Sacramento and the other to Argentina. Except Argentina is still having visa trouble so he's going to Chicago for the time being. I'm so glad that we won't have that trouble.
  Hosting last week was a lot of fun. Mostly because you could see all the new missionaries come in and see how dazed and confused they look-haha. I'm sure I looked just the same way. Ben Walters is doing good after his first week. He's in my zone so he has the exact same schedule as me so I see him all the time and help him when I can. You can let his mom know on Missionary Moms that he's doing good. We get to host again tomorrow so thats exciting. I have two more friends that are coming in tomorrow. Theyre the last of the BYU group. One is going to the Dominican Republic and one to Argentina. We'll see how often I see them though, because they won't have the same schedule as us because they're beginners. Hopefully I see them while hosting tomorrow.
  In other news, we had a really cool Devotional last tuesday. Jeffrey R Holland came and spoke and gave a pretty intense talk. Made me really want to go out there to Chile.
  I'm so excited to get out there! I really want to go out and help real people instead of people pretending to be real people haha. I can't wait to see the changes I can make in peoples lives down there. Less than two weeks!! I think it'll really hit me when I get my flight plans this week. That should be the light at the end of the tunnel- haha.
  Well, Its great to hear from you all through Dear Elders and such. Did you know that Dana and Wally sent me a dear elder and a package of cookies from there? That was really nice of them. If you're reading this, thank you very much for the cookies and the update. They are very delicious.
  Alright my time is about up. I can't wait to leave this place. It'll be amazing. Our whole district is getting anxious. Anyway, I love you all and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hope everything is going well at home. I'm doing amazing and it will only get better from here.
Lots of love,
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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