Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Funeral for English ! A sister companion? 9-2-2009

I can't believe its almost been 4 weeks since I got here. Its crazy that it's already September too! I hope Jordan had a good birthday weekend out in Malibu, sounded like a lot of fun. Wish I could've been there.
  Things keep goin here, not much changes week to week. We did get a new teacher though, Brother Simmons. He's taught us once so far so I don't know what to think of him yet. Spanish is still going good. Learning more and more. We have our funeral for English tomorrow already! So thats exciting. I know that only speaking spanish for the rest of the 5 weeks or so will do me a lot of good. I think I'll progress the most in Spanish in these next coming weeks. Im gonna try and use English as limitedly as possible.
Chad just left yesterday morning for Japan so thats exciting for him. I wish I was in his shoes haha. I just wanna get to Chile cuz that'll be when the fun really starts. I got a letter back from Jason in Phoenix and he's doing good. He says the field is a lot better than the MTC. I kinda figured as much but you never know. The next person to leave is Ben Mennis, and he just got here less than two weeks ago. He's going to the Peru MTC so he's here for 3 weeks and there for six weeks. After him me, Ryan, Marshall, and Mauricio are all leaving the same week so that'll be a really exciting week. First week of October can't get here soon enough. Its ok though, we basically just gotta do the same thing we've already done another time. And it hasnt seemed that long at all.
  So last Tuesday after I emailed there was a devotional and Elder Richard G. Scott from the Twelve came and talked to us. It was pretty incredible. The most memorable part of his talk was by far when he gave us two apostolic blessings. He bascially said that as an apostle of the Lord he was going to bless us with the gift of tongues, and then also a blessing of protection while out in the field, as long as we were obedient and doing what we have to do. So that was very cool.
  Me and Elder Erickson are still adjusting to having a Sister in our companionship. It changes things a lot haha. Because we used to be very relaxed, in planning for example, but she wants to have everything organized to the minute. Reminded me of dad, haha. GANT chart. Anyway, we're adjusting. We're trying to make it work as best as we can.
I'm doing well in all other aspects of life. No major problems. The tailor did not do a very good job though. I've already taken one pair of pants in to get rehemmed and I'm going to have to take another in soon. Not too much else I can think of at the moment.
  I printed a few more pictures out that I'm gonna send in a letter tomorrow. I'm gonna send my card shortly though. Probably within a week or two.
  I'm trying to think if I forgot about anything. I still have some time so I'll send anythign else if I remember that I forgot something.
  So all's going good here. Can't wait to get out of here! But still so much time left haha. These next couple weeks should be discouraging, since we're basically starting back from scratch, re-learning all the lessons in Spanish and trying to teach them in Spanish haha. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes though. Hope youre all doing well back there. I'm sure you are. Miss you guys mucho and love you. Youre in my thoughts and prayers. Till next week!
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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