Saturday, September 19, 2009

Less than 3 weeks to go! Flight plans pending.

Hello Everyone!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Elder Mayberry and Elder Erickson
So everythings been going great here at the MTC. Just waiting and waiting til I get out of here! Under three weeks left so thats really exciting. And we get our flight plans next week sometime so that will be really really exciting haha. The light at the end of the tunnel.
 Spanish is coming. It really has improved. I can basically communicate with whoever, except some natives, that talk way too fast haha. Our teaching in Spanish is going good. We seem to be steadily improving so we're happy about that. So on Monday we called more people in Spanish and that was fun and scary again. Its fun to see that they understand you and stuff, but of course scary when they just go off and start rambling and you have no idea what they just said - haha. That happened to me but I did happen to catch a few words so I didnt feel like a complete fool when I responded. Theyre so nice. The culture is so much different than ours. Like usually at the end I'll apologize for my Spanish because its bad haha and say that I'm learning and practicing and every time the people compliment you and say your spanish is perfect. Theyre so kind and considerate and patient-haha. So that makes me excited for Chile, I know I won't get the door slammed in my face or made fun of because my spanish is bad haha, theyll just help me if I need it. I think thats really cool.
Elder Mayberry and Elder Lebron.

So this week we have the opportuniy of hosting! We get to be the people that help the new missionaries on Wednesdays with their luggage and stuff. So that'll be fun. A nice break from classes haha. Oh yeah, so remember my friend Ben Walters from school? How he's going to my same mission! He's coming in tomorrow and hes gonna be in my zone! So thats exciting.
I can't believe I already have less than three weeks left here. It seems like jsut the other day when I arrived. I am thankful for how fast time flies haha. I've heard that it goes even faster when youre in the field, so thats crazy.
I've been able to keep in correspondence with Jason, who is in Phoenix right now. I've asked him questions about the field and stuff and he's responded so thats fun. I've learned a little about what the field will be like.
  Oh, so this past week a new group of advanced Elders came in. The advanced guys are only here for 3 weeks cuz theyre already fluent. One of them is from CA and he is white - haha. We asked him how he's fluent and he told us that he went to Chile for a month and a half and got fluent! Thats really crazy. Made us all excited cuz now we have hope that we wont be useless for months haha. I hope I can get fluent that fast, that would be really cool.
MTC (BYU) friends meet together before Elder Chad goes to Japan. Chad is on the left
But yeah, everythings going great here in the MTC.Think about all of you all the time. Hope youre all doing well! I shall write again in another week!
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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