Friday, August 28, 2009

Elder Mayberry checks in. English will die soon!

Well here I am again at the end of another week. The time here is flying by like CRAZY. It seems like just a couple days ago that I was doing laundry but alas, here I am doing it agaion. Everything continues to go great here at the MTC. Not too much happened this week. Well not anything different than the last haha. Same schedule same everything. We did get to see the temple dedication on Sunday though, so that was exciting. My first one. Spanish is coming. Not miraculously fast though. We've basically learned all of the spanish grammar now so now I just have to practice conjugating and saying stuff. I'm excited because English dies not this week but next. Scary but I know that that will be the period where my growth is the most. Because I already knew most of the grammar and stuff, I just need to talk spanish all the time. So I'm excited for that and to see how much my ability grows in that time. Our class has shrunk big time. Our district used to be 12, but now its 8. It makes the room a lot less crowded, which is very nice. Four of the girls left on monday night to go to the guatemala MTC for the remaining six weeks so thats why the class got smaller. They're all going to Central America on their missions so thats why they headed down there. Only the sisters do that mainly though. So now theres only one girl in our class which means that she is a solo missionary and has to basically join a companionship of 2 elders. Thats most likely gonna be us because there's already a trio in our class and the other two elders just got called to be the zone leaders. We had 21 people from our zone leave this week, including the zone leaders, which is why there's new ones now. A cool thing about the people that left is that a bunch of them were delayed and finally got to leave. Like one companionship was having trouble getting their visas to Argentina (I guess its hard to get them there) and they had been here for 14 weeks when they were supposed to be 9. So they were really excited. A couple of the others were native speakers that are also going to Argentina, but they are also having visa trouble. They were only supposed to be here for 3 weeks since they're already fluent, but visa trouble kept them an extra 5 weeks. They still didnt get their visas, but they got temporary mission transfers to Salt Lake City south mission. They were just excited to get out of here too. One of our teachers left this past wednesday to go to Mexico and propose to his girlfriend so we didnt have him all week. We had this other guy named Brother Dallon. He's crazy. But in a good way. His teaching style, both to us and to investigators is very different but its pretty interesting. He told us this week that when he was on his mission to Ecuador, the most effective way to knock doors was the following: (In Ecuador it gets hot and people just leave their doors open and their culuture is a lot different then ours so this is acceptable haha) Him or his companion would say this "Hola hermanos! Somos de la iglesia! Venimos a conversar! Con permiso!" They would say this as the walked straight into the house, no knowcking or anything. Basically just being all friendly and walking straight into the house saying "We're from the church, we come to converse, with permission!" He showed us this a few times and the whole class was astonished haha. Its crazy how different cultures are from ours. He also said a couple times that they'd just barge in and yell "Con permiso!" Just yelling "with permission!" while entering the house. And people don't even care haha. Its normal to them. Anyway, I really like him. All the teachers here are good. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to the Referral Center for the first time and make calls, in English of course. No one answered mine haha, all answering machines. But my companion got a ton of answers and actually sent some missionaries to some people. So yeah, thats about all the excitement that we had this week.

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