Monday, August 10, 2009

8-10-09 First handwritten letter from MTC

Hello Family!

Well, today has been crazy to say the least. We have been so busy that it is hard to even think straight or realize that we're actually in the MTC. We were given lots of things like an ID card thingy, room key, nametags, lots of books, schedule, etc., etc -- lots of things. That was basically once we got dropped off, we went from station to station getting these things, then dropped everything off in our room. I already got the chance to unpack and everything is hanging nicely. So, from there we went to do some training activities, which was basically an orientation. The first half was a mock teaching of an investigator in front of the huge group that some RM's did. Then we learned all about the gym and rules and regulations and such. So, then it was 3:30 and we had to go to an orientation by the MTC presidency and that was great. They talked about the importance in serving a mission and a bunch of other things. There are so many people that reported today. Well, after that was dinner and we just got back from that. I got a chance to talk to Ryan and Mauricio, who are neighbors one floor below me. I even talked to Jason, who leaves on Tuesday already cuz he's speaking English. My companion is Elder Erickson; he's from New York. He isn't much of a talker so we'll see how that goes between us.

Oh, yeah, in an envelope we got is our address so I'll give that to you now.

Elder Aaron Louis Mayberry
MTC Mailbox #119
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Also on that paper is a thing that says my estimated departure date is October 5th, so I should head to Chile around that time. Later tonight we have an orientation with the Branch presidency so that should be good.

Well, I love you all and hope that you're doing all right after today; I know it was hard. I shall e-mail you when I can. I think my P-day is Tuesday.

Elder Mayberry

P.S. Just got back from Branch orientation; it was quite good. Learned more about schedule and stuff and procedures. Then got a tour of the whole MTC and where things are. My P-day is Tuesday so I'll e-mail you then!

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