Monday, July 11, 2011

All is well.

Hey everyone

  Things are good here in Tobalaba. This week was a pretty slow one though. We didn't get very many lessons in at all, and it was really hard to contact our investigators for some reason. But it was still a good week nonetheless.
  Our investigators are doing alright. We've been trying to find some new ones and have had some success. We've actually had some good little miracles come to us recently so it's been pretty cool. We've been doing contacts with some people we run into and it's gone pretty well for us. For example... we were just walking down the street and I decided I wanted to eat a sopaipilla, so we go to the little stand and buy one, and my comp began talking to the guy that was also there buying, and it turns out that the guy has a cousin in the mission and this guy isn't a member and he said we could pass by whenever we wanted to talk to him. So that was cool. And it was even cooler cuz he told us where he lives, and it's in a place that we felt we sould knock the other day. Good stuff. We've also had a bunch of luck with my new hobby haha. The two times we've found places that sell yarn, we've contacted the ladies that worked there and they were way receptive. One of them went on vacation, but was super happy when we gave her a book of mormon and she said she was gonna take it and read it while on vacation. So we're seeing good stuff despite the fact that all the investigators we have are slowly progressing in the wrong direction.
  Yesterday we had whats called a sector slam, when the whole zone goes to one sector to knock doors for a few hours. So we did that in our sector cuz we've been struggling with finding news. So we think it went well, we're getting the reports tomorrow in zone class.
  We also saw some amazing stuff happen with a family we've been teaching. So the hermano is a super active member of the church but his family is all inactive. The family being his wife and son, who is my age. So last week we ate lunch with them, and we told them we were gonna come over and make peanut butter cookies with them. So we did that this Wednesday and it went really well. We invited them to church and everything but they didn't say they were gonna go. So we're at church sunday, disappointed again cuz we didn't have any investigators, we went to the second class and it was good, and we go to the priesthood opening exercises and guess who was there? Ignacio, the hermanos son. So we were like whoa! It was crazy haha. Then we go downstairs after all the meetings ended and the mom was there too! We didn't get any investigators to church, but seeing that family arrive made it a good sunday.
''Today for P-Day we dedcided to do something aside from sit in the house, cuz there's not too many pdays left. So we asked for permission to go eat at this restaurant near the church offices, but we got shot down. Apparently President is getting more strict with giving permission to do stuff on pdays. So we just went to a restaurant in our sector, called Ruby Tuesday haha. It was good. It was like being in the US. So we went there the four of us in the sector, then went shopping, then we went back to the house and I finished my scarf! It turned out pretty nice haha. Also in the week I made myself a beanie which also turned out way good. I'll send you the picture next week. I actually impressed myself.
  This week should be a good one. We have a bunch of new contacts to go by that should be good, and we have interviews with President tomorrow! And the assistants (my friend Elder Saenz is one of them) are taking me and my comp out to lunch to a really good hamburger restaurant I've never been to, tomorrow. So it should be a good week. Hope you're all doing well. Love you tons. Can't believe how fast my mission is coming to a close....those who are counting know that it's already less than 30 days. Wow. Anyway, have a great week everyone! The church is true!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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