Monday, June 13, 2011

Faulta Poquito

Hey everyone,

This week was a pretty interesting week for us here. We had a lot of stuff to do as zone leaaders this week, which usually isn't that normal. But it was a good week all in all.
  Lets see. First off with the zone leader stuff we did and other random stuff that was done this week that wasn't related with the mission work...
  So Tuesday we went to the office, because on Monday Elder Sheahan got an email from his family saying that his grandpa was probably gonna pass away this week. So Tuesday we go to the office so he could call him and say bye and stuff. We got there, it took a while to get a hold of his family, but he finally did and sadly his g-pa had already passed away. So he talked to his family a little bit. But that took up pretty much our whole day, when you consider travelling and waiting and all that. Wednesday we got a call from the church offices saying that a representative from the church was gonna come pick us up and do inspections of all the pensions in our zone. So we did that Wednesday after lunch, the hermano drove us around to all the different pensions in the zone, he checked the gas and stuff, and we eventually finished that. One thing I learned though is that cars are so much more efficient than walking! It's crazy haha. You get around sooooo fast. Thursday we had a meeting with the Stake President to talk about the missioanry work in the stake, and to finish planning a stake mission actiavity we had on Sunday. And that was all the business we had to do this week.
  The sector is doing good, as is the work here. We are seeing some success and we finally got some people to church thius week! Hallelujah. We are teaching this family now, the moms name is Carolina, and she has two sons named Ramiro and Romario, who are baptized. the mom is inactive. but this Sunday both the kids went to church! the mom stayed with the sick daughter, but both Ramiro (16) and Romario (12) went to church for the first time. so that was really cool.
  Some more cool news. On Thursday we had a capacitation with president and he talked all about the book of mormon, it was really good. At the capacitation, I ran into the Elders that are in my old sector Los Platanos, and guess who got baptized yesterday? Carmen did, our investigator. How cool is that! So that made me really happy to hear that she got baptized.
  Yesterday we had the stake mission work activity and it went really well. There were about 80 people there. There was a cool activity about the book of mormon and the importance of the scriptures in our daily lives. Good stuff.
  And today we played soccer as a zone and it was a ton of fun.
And that was my week. Things are starting to get real though, and it feels really weird, that there's only 7 more times I'll be writing you on the missoin. 8 weeks left. I'm not trunky though, just slowly becoming aware of what is coming very very fast haha.
Well, I love you all and hope you have a great week! Talk to you soon!
Elder Mayberry

P.S.  I promise I'll send pictures next week, I had them all on the computer here, but there was a power outtage and its too late now to send them. Anyway. next week I promise.

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