Monday, November 22, 2010

Cambios, pero ni tanto

Hello everyone.
  Well, changes happened, and as suspected, I left. BUT, It's to familiar territory kinda. So, like a year back I went to my second sector, El Valle. That's the sector where I passed Christmas and the earthquake and everything. And in that time, El Valle I was living in the pension of the sector, Los Platanos. Why is this all relevant? Because now I'm in Los Platanos, living once again in that pension haha. So it's pretty cool, it was like taking a trip down memory lane when I walked into the pension today. And I'm gonna spend this Christmas in the same pension...what are the odds of spending my two Christmases in the same house? Sectors different, but the house isn't. And the funniest part is that the Christmas tree me and my comp bought last christmas is still here, so I'll get to use it again...

  But yeah. Here I am in my new sector, the Bananas. (that's what los platanos means). I'm excited. It was sad to leave Pirque, but hey, that's just how the mission is. Time to meet new people, a new sector, and change new peoples lives. My new comp is Elder Russell, from Colorado, and I'm officially his mom. A dad is the person who trains a missionary and a mom is the missionaries next comp after his first change. So yeah, this should be fun. Elder Russell only is on his second change, and I'm his second companion (hence, mom). But it should be good. I've never been with a comp with this little time before, so it should be a good challenge for me. I'm actually really excited to be working here though, in a new ward and stuff. And from what my comp tells me, we've got all kinda of potential here right now. So that makes me even more excited. I'm also district leader again, so we'll see how that goes haha.
  But anyway. My last week in Pirque was a decent one. The most notable thing was that Marianela received the Holy Ghost on Sunday, which is always a good thing to see. Also on Sunday, I went and said goodbye to some of the people in Pirque cuz I figured I was gone. So, obviously I went to my familys house, the family Cortes Perez, of Mariela, Mauricio and Cata, the family I got to baptize while in Pirque. It was cool to see how thankful they were that we got to meet so that they could have the gospel in their lives. The mission really is an inspired calling, like I feel that that family was waiting specifically for me. It's just another testimony builder that the church is true.
  And today was changes. So we left, got our changes and came back here. I'm ready to work here in this new sector.
  And that was basically the week. Nothing terribly exciting, and I can't really inform you about my new sector, cuz I haven't even stepped foot into it yet haha. Next week I'll have more info on that.
  Oh yeah, cool little side note. Remember a while back how I met an Elder from Whittier? If I didn't tell you, there's an Elder from Whittier in the mission. Elder Salinas. He was actually in Los Platanos while I was in El Valle a year ago. Well he heads home today, and he said he'd make a little stop at the house to meet you guys cuz he's so close haha. So keep an eye out for him. I'm attatching a picture too.
  And thanksgiving isn't celebrated here haha, so it shouldn't be too exciting. But word on the street is that a family in this ward might do something for us. We'll just have to see.
  Yup. Church is true, love you all, have a great Turkey Day! And enjoy some photos :D
Elder Aaron Mayberry
1. Chao Pirque

2. Once again, Pirque

3. Me in a chupalla(typical chilean cowboy hat) building a house

4. The new pets at the San Martin household in Piurque

5. Familia Cortés Pérez (some of my favorite people)

6. Me and Elder Ryan Salinas (the Elder from Whittier)

7. Me and my new comp, Elder Russell

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