Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So this week has been a different one.

Hello Everyone!

  So this week has been a different one. Pretty hard week. But also good. Lemme start off with some stuff I failed to mention last week.
  So there are 4 missionaries in this ward. Its pretty different but I like it a lot. The other missionaries are Elder Saenz from Mexico, and Elder Devitry from Utah. They're both really cool. We have church together and plan activities together and also eat lunch together most times. But we each have our own separate investigators and such.

  So last monday after I emailed you all we recieved some wonderful news by telephone. Our stake president had invited all of us (the zone, 16 missionaries) to his house for a thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday! !! So that was some really exciting news. Turns out he had lived in the States for like 12 years or something, so he knows the holiday and how big it is there so every year he makes a big dinner for all the missionaries. So on Wednesday we went over to his house and his house is in a neighborhood that looks like it is from the States haha. Big houses, all nice looking and stuff, nice lawns and backyards. He has a very nice house. And he had all sorts of Christmas decorations up and stuff so it was really cool. He even had a clothes dryer! Something I haven't seen since I got here haha. But then we ate, and boy did we eat! :) We had turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. I have no idea where he got gravy, but oh well, I'm not complaining. It was just like the States. Then he brought out cinnamon rolls and root beer for dessert and that just blew everyones minds haha. It was a really cool day. I put some pictures from there in the email. One is of the food and one is of the group of missionaries. I'm in the back next to elder Saenz, the guy from mexico. And Elder Evans is the big white guy in the foreground, you can't miss him, haha.

  So the rest of the week was pretty tough though. The work in this sector is very slow. We have only a couple investigators so we have to knock doors for a couple hours each day. Because of this I have gotten much beetter at knocking doors haha. But it's still hard, because we got rejected almost every time. But we try to keep things interesting. One thing we do is that we have pass along cards and throw them on the porch if they don't answer. But then it gets interesting. We aim to get it under the door or in an open window or stuff like that, and if someone does it the other person has to buy them something. So far no luck though. But it keeps things fun and interesting when we face lots of rejection.
  Me and elder Evans are getting along real good. We are very similar in interests and stuff so we never have a dull moment. And he's also a huge goofball so we have lots of fun, whether it be while prostelyting or in the house. One thing we've gotten into is insense and meditation haha. Bt not like serious meditation. He downloads like meditation music onto his ipod and we listen to it while in bed at night and try to do it to help us sleep, but it never works cuz we just start laughing because most of the time the stuf is really ridiculous. So now we do it just to see how ridiculous it is haha. Today we're gonna go buy a ton of christmas decorations and decorate the whole apartment and our room and stuff. I'll be sure to take pictures and send them next week. It should be good..
  Oh yeah, mom, that book you sent me is pure gold. Me and Elder Evans sound just like real chileans now haha. Theres a lot of cool phrases and stuff that the chileans use that we have implemented into our daily speech and they love it. The chileans think it's hilarious and wonder where we figured these things out. So usually now when we go to lunch or something we say things like "My intestines are crunching me!" or "I'm walking with the long tooth today" which both are sayings to show hunger. Dont ask me where they get them, the chileans are super weird. But it's really helpful and funny if we wanna sound like a Chilean and it really works!

  In terms of our investigators, not much has happened. The family we found that one night of the cosecha has been really hard to get a hold of. But we did get a chance to teach them the second lesson, the plan of Salvation, and they really really liked it. They were super interested and agreed with it and promised to read and pray. They also told us that if they knew that this chuch was true that they would get baptized! So we're shooting for the 20th, cuz they have to go to church 3 weeks first, and they didn't go this week cuz they were out of town. So we're gonna be working hard with them.
  But other than that the sector is pretty dull at the moment. We're workiong hard but just finding not too much success. But we try not to let that get us down. But it doesn't really matter too much, we're trying to the best of our ablility, as hard as we can, and that's all we can do. People have their agency and can choose to listen to us or not.
  Uh huh, thats all I got for now. Until next week! Love you all and miss you and thank you for all the updates and such! Hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of love,
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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