Monday, December 7, 2009

El Valle is pretty exciting.

Hello everyone!
  Things have been changing here in El Valle and its pretty exciting. I don't have that much to write about this week, just a couple of things that happened and whatnot. So I'll start in the beginning of the week.

  So monday was p-day last week and we bought some decorations for Christmas. We bought a tree and some lights and got that all set up in our room. Looks pretty good. And my comp got a package a little ago with some artificial snow so we put that and our presents around the tree. Looks really good. And he also got in his package some cowboys and indians toys, so obviously we had to make an amazing snow battle in front of the christmas tree :D.  Turned out pretty good. Just goes to show that we´re still young at heart and normal here on the mission. We like goof off at the appropriate times- haha.

  So the week went on and we had some great success finding investigators and teaching them. We have found a lot and taught a lot this week. But we´ve got our main group of Alexis (he owns a completo stand), Maria Zuniga (shes a very old woman), and the family consisting of Erika (mom), Constanza (daughter) and Martín (son). They're all pretty good. We had some amazing lessons with the family of Erika and brought some cool members with us and it made the lesson super good. All of these people had Baptismal dates for the 20th. The 20th is a stake activity called Blanca Navidad (White Christmas) where it's gonna be a Stake Baptismal service. It'll be super cool. So we´re trying to get people ready and stuff by then. But all of these people had dates for this day, but some things have changed. I'll explain more later.
  So the week went on, nothing too exciting. Just lots of walking and teaching in the heat. Its been super hot here lately. Summer is coming! It's supposed to get really really hot in january and february. And all the kids are getting our of school for summer break here in a couple weeks. How weird huh? I still can't get used to the backwards seasons.
  On Saturday we had divisions and I went over to the sector of one of the zone leaders and did div's with him. It went pretty good. Nothing too exciting happened though, just did a lot of knocking doors.
  So then Sunday happened. We got to church and only one of our investigators came! Alexis came. Maria said she was sick and the we had a family go and look for the family of Erika before church and Erika told this family that they had made their decision and needed to talk to us. Cuz we asked them to pray and read about the BoM and stuff. They seemed really good but now we don't know. It can't be good though. So we´re gonna pass by them this week and see what happened. So all of church we were pretty disappointed with our turnout. And investigators need to go to church three times in order to get Baptized, so that means the dates were dropped for those 4 people. So right now Alexis is our man. We´re still teaching him and he still has the date for the 20th. We´ll try to get the others a new date for the 27th if possible.

  And now we have today, Monday. This morning we went on a hike as a zone which was pretty cool. We got a nice view of Santiago. I'm sending pictures. But that went well and now we´re here. But before we got here to the internet cafe we went to Jumbo, a grocery store that sometimes has imported American things. But usually they're SUPER expensive. Like 2 dollars per can of soda. But we heard there was a sale so we had to check it out. And sure enough, the mountain dew and dr. pepper were on sale! So I bought 12 mountain dews and 4 dr. peppers. They were only 300 pesos each! Like 75ish cents. Pretty normal price for a can of soda. So that was really cool and I'm looking forward to drinking those. Oh yeah mom, we have made 3 of the cookies that you sent. The first time we tried it was a miserable failure. Horribly burnt peanut butter cookies. I don't even think dad would have liked them. But Saturday we made some good chocolate chip ones and yesterday made another of peanut butter and they turned out a lot better. Hallelujah.
  Well that's about all the week's adventures. Except of course the random conversations with drunk guys that stop us in the street and talk about random things. My comp convinced one that he was from Germany. It was pretty funny. Oh, those crazy drunk guys love talking to us gringos. But all is going super well here. Can't believe I've already been in Chile for 2 months and my mission is one sixth over. Time is really flying. Love you all and hope all of your everyday endeavours are going well. Til next week!

Elder Aaron Mayberry
P.S. Oh yeah, if shant or bret are reading this, Happy Birthday haha

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