Monday, November 23, 2009

New Companion, New Sector..

Well it's been a pretty crazy week, I dunno where to start. Well actually I do, I shall begin with this new sector, area, comp, etc.

  So this sector is called El Valle. Basically its dirt poor haha. Well not that poor. Slightly poorer than my last sector. But thats ok, the people are more humble here :) It's not that big of a sector, way smaller than my last one. We rarely ride la micro (the bus) cuz it just doesn't pass much in this sector because its mostly all small streets. We have maybe one or two big streets in the sector, and those are just the borders haha, so we basically walk everywhere. There seem to be more people yelling at us in this sector though haha. Cuz people just hang out in the street cuz they have nothing better to do. So we get a lot more "hello!" or of course the occasional expletive from the stupid teenagers. But what can you do? Our pension isn't in the sector....yet we have to walk like 15/20 mins just to get to the stupid corner of the sector. So that's no fun. But it's exercise, which is always good I guess. But something really cool about the sector is that one of the borders has this wall, that's at least 3 kilometers long, and the week before I came a ton of graffitti artists came and did the WHOLE wall. It's really cool to see. And it's gigantic too haha. But it's the most graffiti on a wall in all of South America. How cool is that!  I'm gonna take some pictures next time so that you guys can see it. I won't be able to get the scope of the whole wall though, cuz its just that huge. One of my favorite pictures on the wall is a cool stormtrooper haha. Pretty cool.

  So Elder Evans is now my companion. He's from Kentucky/Utah. He is also 6 foot 5 and extremely blonde. He sticks out like a sore thumb. I think this has added to the reason why people yell at us so much haha, cuz you just can't miss him. He's got like a year and 3 months or so in the mission. Hes super super good at teaching though, I'm gonna learn a ton from him. Me and him have a lot of the same interests though, so that's good. He's a goofball so this should be a fun change/transfer (I always say change cuz thats the literal translation of the word in spanish, but I believe they're called transfers in english). His name is Aaron too haha. What are the odds? It's really hard to hug him though, like it's awkward cuz he's too tall. Cuz remember that we do the hanshake hug handshake thing, we do that after like we finish comp study or before we leave the pension. Oh yeah, one more thing about the yelling kids haha. Elder Evans likes to reply to them. Well I usually do too if they're near, I'll say like hola to them to show that I can speak spanish and aren't just a dumb gringo. But Elder Evans replys in English and says pretty funny things that they don't understand. Like he's said "Whats up baby!" and also "What time is your name?" He says he's actually heard someone ask him that before in the street. Stupid Chileans haha.
   So this sector. we have some good members. Not too many investigators though. So we do a lot of knocking doors. We find some success but not too much. The houses we get into we rarely find people that will actually keep up with the committments and stuff. So that's no bueno. But we had some pretty cool moments, and I shall share one with you. So Saturdy night it was like 15 minutes before we had to head home. So we decided to do a cosecha (harvest) Basically you just choose a street, go there, choose a house, and try to get in. All with lots of prayer though so you can be guided to the right street / house. So Elder Evans let me do it. I picked the street and we went there. So I chose a house and a man answered the door and then right away, BAM, shut in our face. So we did one more on the same street. We were walking along and I decided to choose a house, that I had already slightly passed. So I yelled at the door and a lady answered and I told her that we were missionaries that were guided by God to her house to offer a prayer in her home. She immediately let us in and said we came at the perfect time becqause a baby, I dunno if it was hers or her in laws´s. who she lives with, was in the hospital. She asked us to pray for the baby and whatever else. So we said the prayer then chatted with her a bit and she seemed really interested and was more than welcome to have us come back. We´re going back tomorrow, so it should be good. But that was a big testimony building experience for me. Just goes to show that the Lord´s hand really is in this work and that we are guided to the people that He has prepared to receive this gospel.
   Funny story now. So we were walking down the street and we heard a woman yelling. We got to where she was and she was banging on a door yelling at her sister to let her in. Meanwhile a man was spraying her with a hose, so she was drenched. Upon seeing this me and Elder Evans decided to go to another street to try and find some inactive emembers. We tried the other street then went back to the one where the screaming lady was. She had stopped banging on the door but she was still there so we decided to turn the other way. But she saw us. And said Hey! Mormons! Come here! Not being stupid, we didn't do as she said haha. We picked up the pace of our walk and went down a different street. But she was still after us! She was screaming Mormons! (Explecitive) Mormons! Then we heard her footsteps go faster and faster til we realized she was running after us!!! What we did to her I haven't the slightest, but she was now chasing us. We were about to run for it when she got stopped by some man who I believe was related to here and told her to stop and leave us alone. So we were safe. We laid low for a while and avoided that area for the rest of that day. Pretty funny stuff though. This sectors crazy! But I like it a lot, cuz my last one was very calm and stuff. Keeps things interesting.

  Anyway that's all I got for today. As I promised there are pictures attatched to this email! Some of the baptism that we had last Sunday of Marcela and Valery and then one of me and my new comp. And also when I left my "dad", Elder Hastings. He's my dad cuz he was my trainer.
  Oh mom, whats the attendence at church on sundays? I'm curious to know.
  Buy yeah, that's all for this week. Love you all a ton! Talk to you next week!
  Just kidding, only 2 fotos :( It was too big to send all the others. But these are the best ones!

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