Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a week!!

Wow, another week has gone by already. It was super fast. This keyboard here is gonna make it hard to type so forgive me for all the typos, the keys are like hard to push and sticky.

  Anyway, what a week! It was super crazy and a little bit stressful with the Baptism on Sunday, like we had to figure out who was gonna do what, what the rest of the service was going to be like, and worry about if they were gonna pass the interview or not (they did-hallelujah), so we had a baptism yesterday and everything was great. I got to Baptize David and my comp Baptized Ximena. It was a really cool experience and super spiritual.

  I was a bit nervous because I have never baptized before but everything went ok, no problems. So the service went good and was amazing. They are going to be amazing members of the church. I've attatched a couple pictures from the baptism for you guys to see. Its truly amazing to be here in Sntiago Chile helping people come unto christ through the restored gospel, and seeing their lives be blessed by doing so. Only the parents got baptized yesterday, but I think the daughters are going to soon, we´re still teaching them. And the parents have already started doing missionary work haha, we´re teaching some of their friends from work, a young couple. We taught them the first lesson yesterday and it went really well. They're super interested in the gospel and had a lot of good questions. They're going over to the families house on Tuesday for family home evening, which we are doing. So yeah. Church is true, Mission is amazing.
  Hmmm, now the rest of the week. We havent been too successful in finding new investigators to teach, other than the young couple I talked about. We´re still teaching some incomplete familys (some members some not, usually the parents are and the kids haven't been baptized). That's going well. We´re working on reactivating the parents and teaching the lessons to the kids at the same time. If all goes well, I think we´re going to baptize this Sunday. We´re teaching a girl named Camila, shes like 11 or 12. Her mom is less active but they've all been coming for the past coupe weeks. She is super smart and knows everything that we´ve taught her. So we think that she is gonna get baptized this Sunday, that's the plan anyway haha. So yeah, a lot of the stuff we do here is talking to inactive or less active members and trying to reactivate them. And we´re always trying to fnid new investigators of course. So thats basically what the work has been like here for this past week.
   Everything else has been good here in Chile. I heard from Ryan in his emails so that was cool. We´re having similar experiences haha. I'm sending him my weekly emails now so you don't have to worry about that.
  Asthma is doing good. I don't carry my inhaler on me because I don't need it. Only sometimes when we get back at night or in the morinng. But other than that its ok. I'm doing my qvar.
  Hmmm, what else to write about. Oh yeah, I had my first salad/tomato experience this week. It was awful. Normally the people put them in bowls to serve ourselves if we want them but this time it was right on the plate so I had to eat it....eww. I ate it all though. Not the best lunch here. I'm still eating all kinds of fruits and stuff, cuz we get them a lot for dessert. That's no problem. The vegetables are the problem though, haha.
  I think I'm about out of stuff to write on this week. I did write down a couple more things about to chile to tell you all...
  -They have some good sodas here haha. Everyone drinks coke, its the norm. Lie everyone has it. But they also have some chilean sodas called Bilz and Pap. They're really good. Bilz is kinda like a cherry soda and Pap is, at least I think it is, a papaya soda. Doesnt really matter though, theyre just good haha.
  -They have flea markets like every day here. Theyre called ferias. Basically a ton of people just bring they're random stuff to a designated street everyday (the street changes daily) and sell it. There's always tons of fruit and vegetable vendors but then theres always the ones that sell completely random stuff. There's always a bunch of them here.
  -Something pretty funny that I've seen. Dogs that are so dirty and filthy that they have dreadlocks. It maes me laugh.
   So thats about it for this week. It was a really good week. Highlight was of course the Baptism yesterday. It was so amazing. Spirit was super strong. Its such privelege to be out here being able to help people advance in this gospel. Its truly amazing. Church is so true. Til next week!

Elder Aaron Mayberry

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