Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis the Season!

Hello everyone...

  Well, I can't believe Christmas time is already right around the corner again. We're already in December and we're getting excited here for Christmas. I turned a whopping 16 months in the mission yesterday (crazy, two-thirds) which is unbelievable. But things are going great. Kinda...
  The work is going here. We still are having a lack of investigators, but we're looking. We just haven't found them yet. Those that still have are doing good. Jennifer, the girl afraid of water, is still afraid of water, so there's not much we can do there. We have to just look for a pool or something so she and her dad can practice some. And the couple of Gema and Victor are still really really good. This week we're gonna try to put a baptismal date on them, and also put a marriage goal. So hopefully that goes well. And other than that, we don't really have much, so a majority of this week will be dedicating to good ole knocking doors haha.
  I'm used to my sector now, and I like it. The name of the sector has nothing to do with the fruit bananas, there aren't any banana trees in my sector, nor anything remotely close haha. There's just a street called Los Platanos, and that's the street the church happens to be on, hence, the ward called the bananas. Na que ver.
  Nothing terribly exciting happened in the week to report though. Actually, i lied. On Wednesday we had pension inspections from President, so that was cool. He came to our pension, made sure everything was functioning and stuff, and that we were good. So that was a cool little visit.
  Church was good on Sunday. We had two investigators there. Jennifer and Gema. Victor couldn't come to church cuz he had to work. But we were happy to see some investigators there. And also some of the less actives we've been working with showed up, which is also really good. I also got some good news on Sunday, that Veronica and Vicente, two people I found in Pirque, got baptized yesterday. So that's cool news.
  And today me and Elder Russell went to a tourist attraction in the center of Santiago, in the heart of the city. Its a hill, called Cerro Santa Lucía. I'll attatch some pictures. It was cool, we rode a lot on the metro to get there. It's basically an old castle up on a hill in the heart of the city, so you can see some good sights. And there's a cool feria (swap meet like plafce) and I bought some good stuff. :)
  And this next week we have our mission activity! So that should be fun.
  Well thats all I got for now. Hope you're all doing well. Summer here is about to kick into gear, so we're getting ready to sweat like crazy, haha. It's already super hot here and we're not even into the worst part. But it'll be good. Love you all and hope you have great weeks!
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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