Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Stuff

  It was a good week. Not really a good week in terms of the mission work, but in terms of other things it was good.

  Our investigators are still the same. Jennifer is still afraid of water, but we sat down with her this week and we were like, when are you gonna practice and when are you gonna get baptized and made her make some plans so that she'll get baptized soon. She said that sheud get baptized this coming Sunday, the 19th, so hopefully she does. Her dad is gonna fix their little pool and they're gonna practice this week. So hopefully all goes well there and she can get baptized this Sunday. Gema and Victor are doing good too. This week we had "the talk", we talked about marriage, baptism, and the word of wisdom, all the things they need to change if they want to keep progressing in the gospel. And it went well. They are gonna start thinking about marriage, but they said they do wanna get baptized. So that's good. We've got lots of obstacles with them, but little by little we're making progress.
  We still haven't found anyone new here in the sector. Which is CHANTA. We're trying, knocking and all that good stuff, but we haven't found anyone. So it's making the work a little hard for us. But it's all right, hopefully soon we'll find a bajillion people haha.
  But the week wasn't completely bad. It was actually really good for a few reasons.
  On Thursday we had our mission Christmas activity! We started and went to a big plaza where a big bus was gonna pick up like, four of our zones. We got there at 8:15, right on time, but the dumb bus driver didn't get there til 9:30. So we finally got to the activity, where we had inter-zone competitions. There was an olympics, and then a soccer tournament. So it was fun. After that, we all got in the busses again and headed to a big chapel. There we ate lunch, took a picture as a mission, watched a video of the misson, then we listened to President talk about the birth and life of Christ. It was really cool. Halfway through Presidents talking though, Elder Erickson, my comp from the MTC says, Mayberry, come with me. So I do, and we go to the missions truck (which he has prmission to drive cuz he's one of the pensionists, the missionaries that fix problems in the pensions) and we drove off to the local grocery store. It was cool to catch up with him and reflect how long it had been since the MTC. Crazy. So we get back, President had already finished, but we got there just when everyone was going into the cultural hall because we were gonna watch a movie. We watched "It's A Wonderful Life". I had never seen it before but I really liked it. It's old but its still really good. After that, we all went home and that was our day. Me and Elder Russell made a new tradition called Churrasco Thursdays, where we make sandwiches called churrascos in our house every thursday. So that how we ended that day.
  The other days were good too. Saturday I did a baptismal interview and the guy passed this time ( I did one last week for the same guy but he failed cuz he had smoked).
  And yesterday we went to the temple grounds becauuse there is a display of nativity scenes from all over the world open to the public. So we went with a menos activo family and their son who isn't a member and it was cool. There was a bajillion people there and I saw lots of missionaries I knew and also lots of people from past wards that I knew. Good stuff!
  And that was our week. It was a fun one with the mission activity and all, but not too much progress in the work. We have ton of work to do this week, so hopefully it goes well and we have some success here in the BANANAS.
  Love you all, hope you all have a great week. Christmas is almost here!!
Elder Aaron Mayberry

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